Brand Beautiful


Saturday 1st July, 10am – 5pm, Kings Cross, London

Are you a business owner looking to take your business to the next level but not sure how? Do you have a great product or service but are struggling to get it in front of the right audience? Is your business stagnant and you’re not sure what steps to take next?

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Don’t Fear Change

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the unknown.”

These words were written by HP Lovecraft in 1920 and, nearly 100 years on, are still completely relevant.

Most of us fear change; whether that be in the workplace, our relationships, our habitat or our day-to-day rituals.

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Know your audience

I’m lucky enough to work with a number of businesses, large and small, on their branding and marketing needs and a key issue with a number of these businesses is not knowing their target audience.

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Brand Beautiful

A few Saturdays ago I was lucky enough to share a brilliant day with wonderful women talking about their brands. The day was filled with deciphering brand values, business goals, mission statements, target audiences alongside tips on how to gain press coverage, how to recognise and manage their relationship with money and time and, crucially, how to build that all important marketing plan.

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Being bold

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe and this week, I have certainly felt a call to arms due to being surrounded by some utterly amazing women who have ignited my drive and ambition.

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Business Confidence

Your Storyteller

Do Your Confidence Levels Affect Your Business?

“I’m worried about putting my prices up.”

“I don’t want to seem too big for my boots and lose clients.”

“I get nervous and self conscious sharing my business success.”

“I feel like an impostor that’s going to get found out.”

“I don’t deserve to be successful.”

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Overwhelming overwhelm

I haven’t been too well lately. Actually I’ve been completely out of action for a week with an horrendous virus that gave me energy to lift a tissue to my nose and that’s about it. As a result of finally ‘being back in the room’ what has come with feeling slightly better is a huge sense of overwhelm due to the work I’ve missed, emails that I haven’t replied to, clients that I haven’t delivered to and general life management – trying to buy a house & sort a wedding; you know, casual. This all got me thinking about how can we deal with this feeling of lack of control and mild panic.

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